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About Us

We are just starting up at LYFE-NOTES.

Our vision is an online community dedicated to encouraging, sharing knowledge, and living Lyfe together by gaining strength and growing together from all of our collective differences.


We had a realization that social media, the internet, and news platforms had become such a place of division, anger, and singular causes that our online experience left us negative and down, not uplifted, energized, and well-informed.

Unfortunately in today's society we have been told that our differences make us enemies.

It is our belief that a community FULL of those differences is exactly what would make us all stronger.

Start your LYFE with 100% AD FREE content, no politics, no news, no hate. 

Quality content on Health/Food/Home/Travel/Family/Tech/Finance

Join in on our Community forums and chat, learn, ask questions, make posts of your own, and share your knowledge in order to help others live their very best LYFE! 

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Why will we charge a membership fee?

  • We want our members to be committed to sharing our vision, making LYFE-NOTES; encouraging to all, a community to inspire, a place we can live our best LYFE together.

  • Continually operating and improving our site for members incurs costs.  Most sites tackle this by allowing ads on their site.  At LYFE-NOTES, we want your experience to be completely AD FREE.

  • Charging a nominal fee for membership reduces the number of people that would attempt to spam, troll, and provoke others with behavior that we BAN on our site.


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