Community Rules

(Revised) November 7, 2019

Thanks for being part of the Lyfe-Notes Community Forums. This site is all about you, because the collective knowledge of all of you is far better than any singular blog. The forums allow everyone to socialize, share knowledge, and get answers to all those questions you have from your fellow community members! 

But to ensure everything runs smoothly, here are the rules of conduct: 


  • Love everyone. This includes all races, creeds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and those who have fallen to the dark side. EVERYONE!

  • Accept and encourage everyone: Don't be a cynic, tell someone that their post or their question is not valid, or tell people they can't make their dreams happen. Help people live their very best LYFE!  



  • This is an adult community. You must be 18 or older to be a member.

  • No pornography. 

  • Follow the law. No torrents, links pertaining to, or discussion of illegal activity/content.

  • Keep it family friendly. Keep the boards PG-13. Pretend you're talking to your grandmother.



  • Spam. Flooding the forum with pointless posts, memes, pictures, links, etc. Spammers will be banned for life

  • Troll. No trolls. This is not Reddit or Voat. Trolls are banned for life

  • Flame. Don't start fights with other posters. Protagonists will be banned.

  • Insult. Insults or put-downs of any type will not be tolerated. Banned.

  • Share personal information on this forum. That includes e-mails, phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, etc etc.

  • Create a business account. The forums are for individuals, not businesses promoting their product or service. This includes ALL AFFILLIATE LINKS!...Banned.

  • Cross post. Do not post the same information in multiple locations. Place your post or ask your question in the appropriate forum area.




Got a blog of your own that complements LYFE-NOTES? AWESOME! Add the link to your signature. TO YOUR SIGNATURE ONLY!  You can have ONE link in your signature but keep your signature minimal – no huge signatures! You can also add links to your replies as long as they help the original poster and add value. If you abuse that system or constantly link back to yourself, we reserve the right to remove your links and give you a warning. If you abuse this system, we'll BAN you from the site. . 


*These rules are subject to change at any time based on the discretion of the admin and moderator staff.


The mission of this forum is to connect our members, share information, and inspire people to do LYFE together. We want to keep it friendly, helpful, and encouraging. This is not a democracy and you don't have any freedom of speech rights on this site. If you cause problems, you are out. We accept all opinions and disagreements here but the second a friendly disagreement turns into virtual brawl, we're going to kick you out of this Site for good and you WILL FORFEIT ANY PAYMENT already made to LYFE-NOTES,LLC.


Keep it positive and have fun! 

IMPORTANT: If at any time you see a fellow member breaking our community rules, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM IN ANY WAY! If you do, they win.  Instead, Please Contact us here admin@lyfe-notes.com with the information regarding what forum, page, and subject where their post is placed and include their user name.