Where Is The Internet That Was Supposed To Bring Us All Together?

Over the past few months I have become keenly aware that I was far more miserable, generally ticked off, and definitely not uplifted or enlightened after being on social media. You see, when social media such as (enter any of them here) came about we were told these amazing sites would be places that would allow us all to come together from all over the world and share our knowledge and our lives with one another.
Well, I mean, hasn't exactly worked out that way has it? We were completely duped. Listen, it was probably one of the absolute most business savvy moves I've ever seen, basically we were promised the moon, the stars, rainbows, and unicorns, right? Guess what, over 1 billion of us dropped everything in our lives and came running for the kool-aid 😞
Gradually, over time, the real plan has become crystal clear. Instead of giving us an open world without borders, and labels, and complete de-segregation of humanity, each of us have been segregated, labeled, and broken down into our smallest common denominator. "Wait what? Are you sure? What on earth are you talking about?"
They are called "groups", "boards", "Follows" etc. Starting to get the picture yet? By separating us into these categories only by our strongest and most heartfelt interests (wasn't that sweet of them?) All of these social" media companies have only further separated and isolated us from truly learning how to live life together as ONE.
Think about it, we have been separated by our food types, shopping habits, travel preferences, race,  political affiliations, sports preferences, you name it, there is a little box of it for you to join into. And guess what,  all this was done for no other reason than marketing, and building profiles of each of us so complete, that the only thing that can distinguish you more clearly is your DNA! Why? Well I'm sure it wouldn't have anything to do with those 4000-8000 targeted ads PER DAY that you are now exposed to.
 I believe it's time for a social media revolution! A place where we don't have to be segregated or labeled. How about a community where anyone, from anywhere can get back to helping, learning, and enlightening one other about the things that most of us actually care about. A site dedicated to Health, Food, Home, Travel, Family, Tech, and Finance. You know, the stuff most us wake up everyday and actual want to know how to do better. We are all an expert at something!
Listen, regardless of what you do for a living, your address, who you vote for, or how young or old you are, you know a lot about something that someone else needs answers to. We can all help each other live our very best LYFE!
Enter >>>  www.lyfe-notes.com  with a blog dedicated to those topics listed above, and a community forum where members can write their own posts, ask questions, chat, and share their own knowledge in order to help others. What if I told you Lyfe-Notes  was absent  of all of those things making you want to scream about your current social media sites? 100% AD FREE,  NO POLITICS, and NO NEWS! Just the information we all want on the Lyfe topics we care about. If that sounds good to you...👍
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