5 Breathtaking US National Parks for Your Next Vacation Adventure

If you like outdoor adventures, visiting the US National parks can fulfill your desire for adventure while taking in the very best that nature has to offer. However, it's all about the parks that you visit. The US National Parks seen here are some of the most breathtaking and exhilarating parks that the country has to offer. Here are the top 5 breathtaking US National Parks that you must see at least once in your lifetime.

1. Grand Canyon

This national park is always on people’s bucket lists, and the primary reason for that is the breathtaking views that people get from television shots or pictures of this location. The thing is that the images of the Grand Canyon does no justice to the actual views that you can see with your own eyes when you visit. Located in Arizona, this stunning natural chasm is officially a treasured UNESCO World Heritage site that has over 6 million visitors every year.

With all of the visitors flocking to this national park annually, it can get a bit crowded, especially at the South Rim. The South Rim of the park is where visitors can find both the Bright Angels Trail and the Grand Canyon Village. The Bright Angels Trail is one that is well-traveled by hikers and sight-seers who want to take in the beauty that the Grand Canyon has to offer. If you want a quieter place to check out the Grand Canyon and love a challenging adventure, the North Rim is the place for you. This area is where hardcore hikers like to take in challenging paths, and adventurers enjoy backwoods camping.

2. Acadia National Park

Located on the Maine coast, many people regard this place as a gem of a location on the Northeast Atlantic. There is so much breathtaking beauty that you can come across here on these rugged paths as you hike around this stunning location. There are rocky trails around the park that you can enjoy as you explore through the forest and come across ponds. This park is ideal for activities like hiking, horseback riding, and biking. You can even find great places to enjoy rock climbing if that's the adventure you are seeking.

In addition to the natural beauty that you can explore while adventuring in the woodlands, you can follow paths that lead you to the coastline. Here, you can take in the water as it crashes against the granite coast while you watch from above. If you’re lucky, you may even see the harbor seals as they sunbath along the coast. The natural beauty and native wildlife that this over 47,000 acres of land has to offer makes this a truly breathtaking place for you can visit. The added benefit is that the cost to enter the national park is affordable, especially considering everything that you can explore here.

3. Zion National Park

You can find the Zion National Park up in Utah, located in the southwest corner of the state. This colorful national park has grown in popularity in recent years. The walls of this canyon offer a unique and stunning beauty due to the gorgeous colorings created by lava, sandstone, and limestone that display the history of this canyon. When you look up at the top of the cliff while walking below, you’ll see greenery that overhands the ledge, which creates a great visual for visitors.

When you follow the trails, you can come across natural beauty in the spring-fed pools and waterfalls. These areas give you a quiet and shaded place to find peace. There are unique species that you can come across while hiking here, species that you cannot find anywhere else. If you are looking for a peaceful adventure to clear your head, this is the perfect place.

4. Glacier National Park

Located on the border of the United States and Canada, this national park is known for its picturesque water and mountain landscapes. This national park spans three mountain ranges and has over 700 lakes. This park is a well-liked location, especially for hikers, as there are plenty of paths for people of all hiking skills to experience. Some popular routes include the more difficult Grinnell Glacier and the much easier Trail of the Cedars. No matter what your hiking experience is, there is a path that you can enjoy that will give you breathtaking sights that you will remember forever.

If you are more interested in the historical side of this park, you can enjoy a 52-mile scenic drive on Going to the Sun Road in the park. This drive is considered to be a National Historic Landmark as well as a marvel of engineering, that allows you access to many hiking trails or just scenic views to enjoy. There’s also the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park here, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

5. Yellowstone

No list would be complete without the world’s first national park. This distinction alone makes it a must-see on anyone’s list, but this is also a picturesque park that can often be considered a paradise for most people. Among the breathtaking greenery and multi-colored pools, the expansive views here are a sight that you have to see. Yellowstone is a national treasure that is nothing short of extraordinary.

There are over 3,000 square miles of this park, so even though the park is one of the most popular tourist locations, you aren’t likely to come across too many crowds at this expansive park. While visiting, you should take a day or two to enjoy the Mammoth Hot Springs or Yellowstone Lake. These are some of the most important sites to see here due to their sheer natural beauty. There is no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had at Yellowstone.

These are some of the most breathtaking national parks that the United States has to offer. In many cases, you can see some of these places multiple times and still see something new to enjoy.