5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Marriage

Your relationship in that daily rut of work, kids, activities, and outside commitments? Here are five quick tips you can implement now to show each other you are still vested in your relationship.

Dress up (Both of You) and Get Out

Getting spiffed up for one another boosts your confidence and also creates a sense of appreciation from your spouse that you took the time and effort to look nice for one another. The bonus is that you have now created an opportunity and an excuse to spend some quality time together.

Practice your Listening Skills

Communication is key! Many times, the breakdown in a relationship begins with the act of not taking the time to listen and hear each other's thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Everyone appreciates having their voice acknowledged.

Always Say Good Morning and Goodnight

These terms may seem rather mundane, however addressing each other with these two simple phrases remind both of you that you are present and there for one another.

Leave a Sweet Note

Remember those sweet words you used to say and write to each other back in the day? Leaving your spouse a sweet note is a reminder of those early times when it was all hearts, unicorns, and rainbows.

Hug and Kiss Everyday

A 5 second (or longer) hug has been proven to create a sense of calm, peace, and security. A gentle kiss helps rekindle that flame that has since become just a flicker of light in the distance.