7 Simple Ideas for Organizing Cabinets and Drawers

1. Use Pocket Organizers on the Inside of Cabinet Doors

In the kitchen, you can place recipes, coupons, calendars, essential phone numbers, and even small packet items such as instant dry yeast. In the bathroom, they are excellent for storing small loose objects such as hairpins, ponytail holders, and small make-up brushes. In the linen closet, they are an excellent place to hold sheet binders/clips.

2. Install Small Hooks or Racks on the Inside of Cabinet Doors

Hooks are another way to utilize this oft-wasted space. You can use the hooks to hang virtually anything you wish. Great for measuring spoons, sets of keys, or with a small piece of yarn or ribbon attached, almost anything your creative mind can imagine. Racks are excellent for spices. A few are even designed to hold larger items such as dish soap, sponges, etc.

3. Place a Large Chalkboard Decal on a Cabinet Door

These work great on the outside or the inside of cabinet doors. Chalkboards can be a great place to keep critical phone numbers, grocery lists, a chores list for the kids (we can wish can't we!), or even just a great place for an encouraging or sweet note for the day.

4. When Organizing Multi Shelve Cabinets Store Items by Size

Always keep larger items on top shelves and smaller ones on the bottom. This strategy makes it much easier to see everything at a glance. This tip also works exceptionally well in the fridge!

5. Keep Your Linen Sets Organized

Store all your sheet sets in a matching pillowcase. This method allows you to quickly and easily identify and retrieve the entire collection of sheets at a glance and keeps your linens neat.

6. Lazy Susan for Deep Cabinets

These are great for deep cabinets; you can have it all at your fingertips with a slight spin of the wheel. There are multi-tiered styles available, and many have a raised lip to keep items from falling off while turning.

7. For Drawers use Divided Fabric Organizers

These organizers come in a variety of depths and sizes. Many of them have adjustable dividers so they can be modified to fit your individual needs. They help keep all your clothes and accessories neatly organized and separated.