It’s that time of year. The weather is no longer warm, and the leaves are no longer green. You’re bored of that summer décor and want a change. Decorating your home for fall is a refreshing change as you transition into the new season. We want to make that change easy for you by providing you with these eight great decorating tips anyone can use during the fall season.

1. Replace your accent rugs and throw pillows

Sometimes all it takes a small change to make a dramatic difference in your home. Simply by changing out your accent rugs and the throw pillows on your sofa, bed or chairs you can create a dramatic change in your home. Try some cool-toned yellows, oranges, and reds.

2. Decorate with candles

Candles can bring that warm, woodsy tone to a room, which makes them the perfect fall décor. They make your home smell great, too. We suggest cinnamon scents, apple, or pumpkin. The more safety conscious can make use of wax melts to supply that fall aroma.

3. Hang seasonal art on the wall

Adding, or changing out pieces of fall art to your home will surely show off the season. Many can easily be found in thrift shops, or hand-made by the craftier individual.

4. Add more lamps

With fall taking over, days are getting shorter, leaving less time for natural lighting in your home. Use this to your advantage and add warm-toned light throughout your home. We guarantee it will feel more like fall.

5. Use Plants and Flowers

Swap out those evergreen plants with fall-like plants for aesthetic. Burgundy/reds and yellows work best to achieve that 'warm' feeling fall usually brings. Whether in a basket, bundle, or vase, flowers and plants can help you bring the fall season into your home. Small bundles of straw tied into neat little bundles are a great accent as well.

6. Hang a wreath on your door

Consider hanging a fall leaf wreath on your front door for some outdoor fall inspiration. The colors are beautiful and blend with the outdoors perfectly as the leaves change. They can be homemade or store-bought.

7. Display your firewood

If you have an indoor fireplace, then use those pieces of wood as décor. It adds a rustic, woodsy aesthetic to your home. There are a variety of fashionable wood holders to choose from.

8. Bring out more throw blankets

Throw blankets give the impression of a relaxed, contemporary feel and hint at cooler weather. They can also be used practically, as you cozy up in your living room with your favorite book, during those chilly fall evenings.