Creating an Organized and Kid-Friendly Playroom

Kids love to play, and of course; as a result, they create a hurricane of mess in the process. Being organized in your home should be a priority. It encourages productivity and makes for a happy mom, which makes for a happy family.

Let’s share some tips on how you can create an organized and kid-friendly playroom.

1. Start them young

As babies and toddlers start showing an interest in some independent play, it is a good idea to have their age-appropriate toys on floor level so that they are easily accessible. Once they have exhausted their playtime, show them how to pack their toys away, encouraging them to participate.

2. Shelving is the way to go

As your children get older and are completely mobile, they will start to choose what they want to play with, and while it still needs to be accessible, investing in some shelving for storage will help keep floor space available.

3. Time to rotate

Consider donating toys that no longer interest your child to a local charity.

4. Color fun

Bright colors are fun but can create a feeling of chaos, not what you want in a playroom. I would stick with the more natural and calming hues of the color wheel.

5. Mom-friendly flooring

Kids can make one heck of a mess, so unless you plan on keeping your playroom cold drink and food free, then it is a good idea to put down some rubber matting or vinyl flooring.

6. Bench storage

When looking into a kiddie's playroom, you might find that an excellent way to utilize some space is to make a comfortable bench for reading. Building a hinged top will also provide you with loads of storage underneath.

7. Create a magnet wall

Invest in a magnet wall. A lovely idea and no chalk dust.

8. Crafting table

A small table with chairs is a wonderful addition to any play area. This space allows them to create, explore, and express themselves on paper.

9. Reading corner

Reading is fundamental in building a solid education for your child. Providing them with an encouraging setting can be very beneficial.

10. Soft toy storage

We all love them, and the kiddies love them too. They are attractive and can be a part of your playroom display. I like the hammock or suspended chair idea. You can also make a "stuffed animal tree," think of those jewelry racks you see in a store but on steroids.

These are just a few ideas to help organize, simplify, and create an excellent place for your child to learn, play, and grow. You can design your playroom to help foster these ideas, and make it a lot more "mom-friendly" at the same time. Your child will help guide you in discovering the things they like and the themes that interest them.