Decorating Tips for Foyers and Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces such as landings, or small foyers in your home can be a challenge. However, here are a few simple ideas and tips to inspire you.

1. For the walls, decorative prints and pictures are stale. However, placing different fabrics, even geometrically cut pieces of carpet or rug on the walls, has been gaining popularity. You may also want to accent your walls with small floating shelving. Small shadow-style boxes are also a creative idea.

2. Use tall wicker baskets, decorative metal cans, or heavy-duty porcelain containers for umbrella holders. Line the inside with a clear plastic trash bag.

3. On entry walls, place small single row hat racks or coat racks. These can be finished in any color of wood and are also available in sleek contemporary designs.

4. Place a small area rug to accentuate the space. Try to use colors that may stand out or add a little bit of visual friction to your color scheme.

5. Thin behind-the-couch style tables work great in these spaces. You can add picture frames, small vases with fresh or artificial flowers, and a few knick-knack items to complement your look.

6. Narrow benches and small couch-style seating have also become very popular in foyers and small breezeways.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some inspiration for decorating your small spaces or foyer. Let us know some of your imaginative ideas.