Artificial intelligence and smart machines are taking over our world one sector at a time. These machines are learning to perform our tasks at a very fast rate, and it is highly predicted that these machines may become the best replacement for human labor in the nearest future. At the time of writing this article, AI has been successfully utilized for a wide variety of functions, including those relating to bank operations, hospital appointments, drug administration, research development, news casting, payment for goods, and many others.

Owing to the numerous applications of AI in our world today, the better part of this article shall focus on how we use AI in our daily lives. Some of the commonly utilized AI-based tools for everyday activities include but are not limited to the following processes.

Product recommendation

AI-based systems are widely utilized for payment and product purchases. These applications can assist in personalized shopping where products are recommended to potential customers based on their preferences. Most of these AI applications study your behavior and match your lifestyle with products you will be interested in.

Traffic and commuting

Every time we open our digital maps to plan trips or check the traffic, we are directly interacting with AI tools on our mobile phones. With these applications, we could plan trips and also view locations on the internet without leaving our comfort zone. Smart billing machines used by taxi and transportation agencies use AI to calculate your payment based on the distance covered.

Mobile banking app

Artificial intelligence focuses on the provision of personalized services. These tools can study your spending patterns and provide results such as transfer prompts, pre-overdraft alerts, and bill pay reminders.

Text predictions for communication

Text predictions come in handy in assisting relate well with our friends and family while communicating via social media or emails. This function is incorporated into our smart keyboards and can predict the next words we intend to type based on the context of the sentence.

Web searching

Have you ever tried using Google or any search engine service to obtain information from the internet? That is AI at work. Every time you provide your search keywords in the search bar, AI scouts the internet for possible locations where that word appears and returns them as search results.

Email spam filters

Spam filters in emails utilize simple AI rules to filter the message based on its content. It can filter out certain phrases that come from an unknown address and push the messages to the spam box without your knowledge.

Social media

Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram use AI to connect with you people you may know, and also identify you in photos. It can study your online behavior and present ads you may be highly interested in.

AI and its numerous applications are here to stay. Although they are in their formative years, these machines will soon take over our world and in turn, provide us with higher security and efficiency at home and work. Just how far this ever reaching and rapidly expanding tech goes, well, that is the question….

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