Life-Changing Experience: Marrakesh Morocco

Easily one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco, your trip to Northern Africa will be considered incomplete without visiting Marrakesh. Dating back over 1000 years, Marrakech is home to a bustling Medina, fantastic shopping, and state of the art architecture. Book a stay in one of the beautifully designed riads – your comfort is guaranteed.

If you're traveling to Morocco, Marrakesh and its many delights will leave you in awe, Here are some of a few can't miss features of Marrakesh.

1. Get Lost In the Souks

Getting lost in the souks, or vast markets is perhaps one of the most iconic things to do in this city. Marrakesh is home to the largest souks in Morocco, perfect for shopping for your travel souvenirs. These bustling centers are scattered all over Marrakesh, especially along the little streets of the Medina. Spend a day carelessly wandering throughout the souks and explore the many shops in the souks in Marrakesh.

And if eventually you actually get lost, locals are ever willing to help you find your way back. If you're going to shop for a few items at the souks, remember to come prepared by sharpening your bargaining skills. Negotiation is a significant part of shopping in Marrakesh.

2. Check out Bahia Palace

Built-in the 19th century, Bahia Palace will amaze you with its intricate designs. At the time the palace was completed, it became one of the most magnificent and most elaborate structures in the world. Tourists love the palace, and it's not hard to see why. Every room and courtyard features highly decorative marbles, paintings, and carvings.

To get the most out of your visit to Bahia Palace, be sure to visit in the early hours of the day to avoid the crowds.

3. Visit Jardin Majorelle

The Jardin Majorelle is a top-rated attraction in Marrakesh. Designed by Jacques Majorelle, a French Orientalist artist, the garden boasts an array of floras, gorgeous blue walls, and serene atmosphere, making it a perfect spot to spend your day. Here, you'll get a chance to see the Berber Museum, Islamic Art Museum, Musee Yves Saint Laurent, and a wide variety of bird species that are prevalent in North Africa. It's indeed a place worth visiting.

4. Djemma el-Fna

The most famous city square in Marrakesh, Djemaa el Fna is located right in the center of the city. The city square is a popular attraction for tourists and local visitors alike. Djemma el-Fna is a place that never sleeps. At night, the city square comes alive with dancers, musicians, fortune, and storytellers as well as snake charmers. These performances are a must-watch if you're in Marrakesh.

During the day, Djemma el Fna gets busy with locals and tourists looking for the best items in the shops. Here, you'll find a lot of lovely things to buy at affordable prices. What's more, your time in the city square brings you closer to the traditions and culture of morocco.

5. Take a Traditional Moroccan Hammam

The Hamman is an activity you don't want to miss. The Hammam is a place where locals visit weekly to wash and cleanse themselves. It's a great place to ease your tension and feel rejuvenated. Deeply embedded in Moroccan culture, these baths are a real experience. The bath is similar to a steam bath or sauna. After the experience, you will enjoy a relaxing massage. Your skin and entire body will thank you for participating in a traditional Moroccan hammam

6. Local Food

Moroccan foods will leave you asking for more. And trying the local food in Marrakesh promises to be a rewarding experience. The local cuisine is rich and tasty, with an array of tagines, fish, meat dishes, and expansive olive markets. Enjoy some of the many baked breads and pastries. The flavors of Marrakech remain etched in your memory even after you've departed the city.

If you're thinking of planning your next holiday to Africa, Marrakesh Morocco is sure to please you. The fun and exciting activities are unparalleled. Marrakesh is a city where visitors get to experience the real, local culture first hand. Whether your idea of a good time is opting for a relaxing spa experience or exploring the outdoors, Marrakesh has you covered.