The Latest Trends in Home Décor

Our homes are a reflection of our individual style and choice, and like us, they also evolve. Every year new trends emerge, inspiring us to adopt them in our homes. We love to know what’s trending so that we can update our homes and make it look stylish. Let us see what the current trends in home décor are.

Trending Styles in Home Décor

We know that there are many styles of home decor. Let's highlight a few of them. Modern, contemporary, minimalist, and retro, are a few of the trending styles.

Of these, the modern and contemporary styles are trendy in urban areas due to the lack of space. The modern style is sleek and chic. Think clean lines and uninterrupted spaces. Contemporary styles have a bit more of that “homey” feel. People tend to update or adapt this style, along with changing trends and colors.

Minimalist style is a sort of modern style on steroids. Very clean, uncluttered, and makes use of newer concepts regarding recyclables and sustainable materials. This style has grown amazingly popular as of late.

Boho is one style that has surprisingly come back in trends. The Bohemian style is an eclectic mix of pretty much anything that you use because, well, you like it.

Many retro items are continuing to make a comeback. Have you seen a mushroom lamp lately? If not, you surely will soon.

Let us see how these individual style elements are affecting trends.

Leather Remains Out

We are all so used to seeing leather furniture. Of course, leather has a timeless appeal and looks luxurious, but people are opting for more sustainable alternatives. Vinyl, wood, and bamboo are becoming huge trends in home décor and will continue to dominate the market. This trend is in line with minimalistic as well as modern style.

Embracing Nature

We are embracing nature in significant ways. As reflected in our choice of fabric, materials, and designs. Organic and natural elements like petrified wood and coconut shells are finding their way into our homes. This trend will also pick up as we creatively embrace nature and make it a part of our daily life.

Even when choosing textiles, people are opting for natural elements. Wool, linen, and cotton look fashionable. Boucle is gaining popularity fast and will soon become a rage.

The natural textiles clean easily; they are breathable and age gracefully, giving your home a soft and warm appeal.

Nature is going to influence Boho, minimalistic, and modern styles in the future.

Free-Spirited Home Décor

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Expressionist artwork is inspiring home décor to create unique designs. The use of bold geometrics, blocks of colors, playful combinations, and hand-drawn sketches give you a scope to express yourself through your interiors. Bold patterns and colors join imperfect hand drawings to allow you to have a unique home décor style. This is Boho 100%.

Experiment with Furniture

Breaking rules, setting new trends, and getting comfortable with your choice are the major highlights of this year. From curved sofas to the unique shapes of chairs and tables, people are welcoming experimental furniture. Non-traditional sofa shapes make conversing with guests easy. Similarly, beds, tables, and chairs are getting new looks according to the lifestyle of the homeowners.

Matching furniture in the living room or bedroom is becoming passé. Collect pieces of furniture, use them according to your will or need, and convert any room into your own space.

Wallpapers for a Better Effect

It is interesting to note that wallpapers, yes, that's what I said, are adding a pop and textures to home décor. These wallpapers add a splash of color as well as a new dimension to your personal spaces.

Home decorating trends are getting exciting as we mix different styles. From live plant walls to everything goes Boho, to recycling old items, and using a lot more sustainable materials, these trends will give your home a touch of individuality. It’s your space; let's make it beautiful.