"The Millennials Guide to Home Decorating"-humor

Decorating your space can be challenging, especially if you’re a millennial. Why am I singling out millennials? Because we are different than every other generation that came before us. Let’s take a look at the most recent examples:

1950s: The "typical" family. Everyone had a cookie-cutter house, a homemaker mom, and the house was always spic and span with plenty of time to make dinner. Everything had a place, and it was perfect as can be...at least to the outsider. Inside, it probably reeked of cigarette smoke and martini residue.

1960s: Pretty much the same as the 50s, except for some reason, kids' bedrooms were covered with posters of musicians from other countries.

1970s: Wood paneling, everywhere.

1980s: Everything everywhere. People these days talk about minimalism...in the 80s, it was maximalism. Everything was patterned, checkered, heavy, and wallpapered.

1990s: 1980s recovery decade. Less of everything...but still lots of cords, electrical stuff, and piles of VHS tapes and DVDs on shelves that pretty much went untouched.

Now? Millennials have the benefit of looking back on decades of questionable design choices.

So what should Millenials choose?

Easy: pretty much nothing.

Why? Because it's comfortable, sustainable, and clean.

We don’t need a lot of cords, wallpaper or paint. We need wireless charging ports and a phone.

That’s pretty much it. Refrigerator? Who needs it - everyone delivers. Art? Why bother...we're looking at our phones, not the wall. Lots of furniture? Blah...maybe just a comfortable chair.

Home decorating has gone from “making a house a home” to “making an apartment easy.”

The only critical part of decorating for millennials is the space behind where you'll choose to facetime or live webstream.

That must look flawless. Straight out of Pinterest. Straight out of an interior decorators handbook.

Reclaimed wood, carefully curated old books, wonderfully iconic records, something metal, and an animal statue painted one color.

You know, pretty much stuff from the $1 table at any random yard sale.

Ahh, millennials. Decorating on the cheap since 2016.

The beauty of today’s decorating habits...they don’t exist.

Instead of spending countless thousands of dollars on decorating stuff, millennials can spend that money on better things: delivery of food. Chauffeuring from Lyft or Uber. Games on the App store. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of college loans.

Life has changed drastically, and it's beautiful. Millennials aren't worse off...they just have fewer curtains to iron.

Would it be better to go back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s? Definitely not.

Can you believe back then people actually had to make dinner? Themselves.